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pare nearly from kediri cityI didn’t know when I go to pare actually. Oh I remember now, I had gone to pare on July 2011. Exactly a month before Ramadan. I write this because when I had posted about a taxi driver who studying hard to speak English i remember that i have a step of my effort to learn english. Yeah I know English is so important, while this era much of people from other country come to Indonesia, they working or traveling here.

Two years ago i want to able to speak English fluently and because of it I go to Pare to take English course for a month. Where is Pare? Anyone of you know where is pare? Pare is a small village in west java, exactly at Kediri city. I went to pare with Ratri (Now she is my wife). We using train transportation to go to pare, by “Senja Kediri” train we go in the afternoon and arrived in pare tomorrow early morning.

I take two English course there are Basic English in Elfast and Speaking class in Outloud. I stay in Outloud Dorm stay, have room and share with 4 people in a room, with thin mattress and a pillow for a person, this condition is not so good for me because we should to sleep with the person whom we just know. But I think it’s not make my spirit down, because I need to learn here.

I learn all day from early morning till night, it’s so tired but I should do. Oh ya I was using motorcycle as my vehicle for two weeks, because Ratri was sick and she should to stay in hospital for a week, she got diarrhea and puke, she not yet come to class in the first day, I’m very worries about her, I tried to make her comfort and help as I can. So in a week I should go back to hospital and back to class.

And the second week she getting well, she come to the class for the first time, and she just take 3 or 4 days for the class, after it she should go back to Jakarta, because she have an opportunity to getting work in Dian Didaktika School. Yea it means I should to be alone here. Before she goes to Jakarta, I bring him to go around Pare, and the primary place that we want to go is Gumul. Gumul is a deviation of street and it has a building in the center of deviation. The building is look like Arc de triomphe in Paris, we are very like this place, beside it’s look like Arc de triomphe in Paris this place is clean like in overseas. Maybe this is our first step to go to Paris, we visit Gumul first and after that we visit Arc de triomphe in Paris in the further. Aminn…

gumul kediri gumul kaya Arc de triomphe

After Ratri leave me alone here. I back to focus on the course, but there is something lost, now ratri is not beside me, no problem it’s fine. I supposed to return the motorcycle to Ratri’s uncle and now I always walk to go to class. That is no long distance, maybe around a kilometer.

I have 6 class a day, Every 5.30am I go to my first class at the longest place from my Dorm stay, the first class is call “Breakfast class” till 7.00am, and the second class 7.00am till 8.30 and the third class start in 8.30 so I have schedule clashed for the second and third class, because I should to go to my third class at the different place (in front of my Dorm stay), so I go back to my Dorm stay to join the third class at 15 to 9 till 10.00am. After it I’m free from 10.00am till 2.00pm. and 2.00pm I have fourth class till 3.30pm and the fifth class 4.00pm till 5.30pm, and the last we have Dorm stay class at 7.00pm till 8.00pm, and it repeats every day.

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