The Music Is All Around Us

If you have watched the August Rush Movie, you supposed to familiar with the word “The music is all around us, all we have to do, is listen”. Actually 2 week ago i began love a music for make me more comfort to doing work.

Listen music in the officeJust listen the instrumental music i feel so good and calm. actually i’m not so like a music, but this instrumental music make me can’t stop to hear. the music is actually around us all we have to do is just listen and enjoying.

The instrumental music that i love at the moment is Morning Light by Sean Beeson. i have downloaded the music and listen it everyday when i start my work, the music has duration more than seven minutes, if i listen the music is so slow but it’s not make me feel sad, it even make me comfort to working my job and feel more creative.

This is The Morning Light by Sean Beeson. enjoy it 🙂

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